Pouring Liquor Into Rivers

by Swanky Ali

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released October 5, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: In the Jigsaw of Beautiful Mistakes
thought is a purification process

a thousand pieces in the jigsaw of beautiful mistakes
Track Name: Sneak Thief
throw your hands in the air if you don't care
hands in the air if you don't care

alright stop lying stop lying

nothing is to be dismissed as normal
i ain't scared of dying but i'd be lying
if i told ya that i wasn't scared of
watching the possibility of my dreams being realized
dim down to nothing
holding on to hoping
is the only holy ghost that i know
cheerio to bomb's away
all in a day's work
and we wonder why the nights feel so lonely
thank god the bars and pornography
exist just for me
i'm noticing slowly
that i'm being steered to a state that's quite weird
where it isn't really clear what i can and can't feel
how my everyday appeal
is measured by imaginary ghosts
that i talk to with my thumbs on my cellular phone
i hope nobody here is telepathic
cause that could be disastrous
and i don't believe in passes
i'll be cheering 'em on
as they fast track a process
reducing me to ashes

now why am i convinced that my death is so real?
now how am i to answer all these questions that build
when i seal away my thoughts as embarrassing?
exchange details of my stories with some labels you'll agree with

life is just one big metaphor for love (x4)

i think the internet is a tool for observation
of humans
for the ones who depend on the swaying
of said human psyches'
to feel powerful enough to fight death
a subtle science to destroying shit
especially if that shit is thinkin'
Track Name: One and Two
ginger beer sipping
while looking through the fog
on another clear morning
i know that the difference
between me and these stories
is that everything is boring
you came to the doorway
and said hey
it's time to do something
have you made your decision
i tell you every choice i ever make
i made already moment i was born
you ask why i sound sad

tarot card reading
and after dark sittings
in the park when it's supposed to be closed
i don't mind it
it's only two blocks from my home
and besides weatherman said the night would be calm
you're busy scraping bubble gum off of your shoe
you hit me cause i laughed when you stepped in it
i just liked the touch of it

what i can't say now
i'll write later in a poem
and i won't show that shit to anyone
cause writing poems is corny

man i'm awfully lonely
but your cards said that i should focus
on the things that i'm feeling right now
then later i'll find power
cause the things i went without
taught me lessons i can use
in the war that's going down
i don't know if that's true
but it makes me feel better
just to know you understood
how difficult it was to be me
the night fills me up with something
i told you you were beautiful
and you were pleased
Track Name: Blossom
alright now lets see if we can change the rules a little

the rhythm of the boogie to be
the boogie to be
the boogie to me
is really nothing muthafucka (2)

whus up with the pussy (x16)

i go to war
travel stars to drop them draws
(for the pussy)
all of ya'll go to dances grab the wall
(for the pussy)
ain't no telling who's about to get involved
(with the pussy)
we done fucked up the mentality of ya'll
(who got the pussy)
now as painful as it seems to you
it's awfully quite painful
to the wanting of a scenic view
of all the other patrons
i done been across the planet
to prescribe infatuation
to the ones who don't believe in you
despite your altercations

whus up wit the pussy (x16)

the guardian at the gates
says wait
and i can't stop
lady stop for what
ok your feelings been hurt
ok i know what that feels like
but can you trust your mind
when the situation feels right
immaculate conception
nother bastard
nother blessing
might just plaster all my feelings
watch the master of the minions
the soul flowing like nectar from the flower
we pretend to be in love for the power

whus up with the pussy (x16)

they're fighting god
i don't think they can win (x3)
but maybe if they keep fighting
they gone find god tonight

whus up with the pussy (x8)
Track Name: No Harm Shall Cum To Those Who Rest Here
the one who's been waiting for you
that is very surprising to me because i'm like wow you've been waiting for me for four years?
four years!
i watch you. try to get with you. but now i can today.
and my idea is what does she likes of me?
ooooh, i like everything.
maybe you have been watch some of my movies to decide this, yes?
yeah, i'm a fan of yours.
some girls are scared of me
no not me i'm not scared of you
i'm turned on by you
i wanna fuck you so hard

(backwards sunny)

whussup with the pussy
pulmonary imports
gender genocide in the legendary pimp wars
strip in front the censor
say it with your chest and let them feelings wiggle through you
all the things we try to avoid

if them people own your scholars
they can call you what they will
none of my niggas really know they power
hiding in the closet from the way they feel

your safety blanket won't save you
first we try to hide the things that we ashamed about
then we try to hide the fact that we ashamed
then we call it pride
to help us play it off
a steady suicide
growing up is what we claim
so many hidden angles
and it makes me very anxious
i suppose the smell that fills my nostrils when i left my face to air
is what fucking keeps me here
there's a million begging voices in the concrete tonight
cause there's a million begging voices in the concrete tonight

You gave to me your all and all
and now i feel ten feet tall
oh sunny one so true
i love you

they don't fuck with ya'll no more
i didn't think it'd hurt so bad
ease the pain

so welcome to the world of
unreported murders
realizing further
there's many things unheard of
and passing through a surge of
people shaped urges
a great night to be alive
at least that's what they told us
on the telly
there's a message for the many
concentrating in the belly of the beast
is very scary
are you ready
heavy heavy
living barely
living till 80
throw confetti
throw a party even though you aren't steady
while your kids selling pussy on the corner
get up on us stoners loners
telephone us with the modems
telescope is now in focus
put a cage around the zoner
make him lonely
holy moly
now the only way to solve this is to pay up
same language different station
put a blanket over all the information
don't tell em what they're facing
make em us imagination
they'll be terrified
and pacing back and forth
a million faces looking to the sky for grace
with eyes vacant

You gave to me your all and all
and now i feel ten feet tall
oh sunny one so true
i love you

They don't fuck wit ya'll no more
I didn't think it'd hurt so bad
Ease the pain

Goddammit I'm a lying ass bitch
rewind that shit
read the fine ass print
naw nigga you don signed that shit
you done promised this
all your promises
are a year older
happy birthday happy happy birthday
we love you cause you're here
and we're happy that you're worth it

oh will you come back to the jungle
will you come back to the jungle
oh will you come back to the jungle
with me
Track Name: Bound To BE
just imagine for a second that you're me
hearing the sounds you moan readily
while we're fucking not knowing
if these noises are coming
from a place of honest feeling
or if you're acting so i think that you like it
it's frightening to think that you manipulate a moment of passion
into a fantasy to make me believe it
i feel so lonely with these thoughts
how can i share me when i'm up against a secret
a taboo
a leaking of seas while you're pleasing the me you create in your mind
either building a shrine or a dungeon
often the same in the moment
of crawling to the sun from the ocean below
you label your descent and you hoe yourself
for surviving the means in the show
all the fiends get to know
what a wonderful hole you don' dug
for the love that you hope
you were right to say no to

it's not many lovers
it's one lover
that you use other lovers to destroy
you're not fucking
you're masturbating with toys
called people
and wondering why you can't see any equal

a sequel to me
isn't easy to see
in the present
but set aside what you know now
when you think about the essence
of your thought in the tuture
glory hallelujah
praise to the pussy
ain't everybody in on the game that you playing
they won't say a damn thing
but it hurts when it rains and your pain drowns away
all the cheers of the crowd
it's here and it's now
i done went around this whole damn street all night
i feel i fucked up when i picked a side
i roll around and claw at the memory of eyes
my memory aligned
my memory aligned
goddamn i done went around this whole damn street all night
i feel i fucked up when i picked a side
i roll around and claw at the memory of eyes
now blind me till i die
blind me till i die

it's not many lovers
it's one lover
that you use other lovers to destroy
you're not fucking
you're masturbating with toys
called people
and wondering why you can't see any equal